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DOD Subject Matter Experts

To deliver the Defense Civilian Human Resources Management System (DCHRMS) to the DOD Civilian workforce requires subject-matter experts from Components and agencies across the DOD enterprise. DCPAS subject matter experts include:

DCPAS POC Function Contact
Malissa Smith Director, Enterprise Solutions and Integration malissa.k.smith2.civ@mail.mil
Jeanette Colombani Deschamps Associate Director, Change Management jeanette.m.colombanideschamps.civ@mail.mil
Marsha Johnson Training Lead marsha.l.johnson29.civ@mail.mil
Ryan Sunukjian, Dr. Ada Booker Functional Tesing ryan.j.sunukjian.civ@mail.mil, ada.m.booker.civ@mail.mil
Shelli Dunn Change Management Lead shelli.m.dunn.civ@mail.mil
Tenisha Finley Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Adoption Lead tenisha.m.finley.civ@mail.mil
Eric Gregory, Mitch Howe Technology eric.l.gregory6.civ@mail.mil, mitchell.c.howe.civ@mail.mil
Shawn Boland Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Operations and Deployment Lead shawn.m.boland4.civ@mail.mil
Andrea Wagenbach Senior Program Manager ADVANA/SSA Lead andrea.l.wagenbach.civ@mail.mil
Kimberly Marshall Requirements and Solutions Lead kimberly.a.marshall.civ@mail.mil
Brenda Nicholson Associate Director, Functional Management kimberly.a.marshall.civ@mail.mil
Tamara Rodriguez DCHRMS Functional Manager tamara.rodriguez.civ@mail.mil
Dr. Angelia Deloach OPM Applications Functional Manager angelia.j.deloach.civ@mail.mil
Kathy Cranford DCPDS Functional Manager kathleen.a.cranford.civ@mail.mil

Agency Subject Matter Experts

Component Program Manager Testing Lead Change Management HR SME Lead Reporting Lead Performance Management
DFAS Scott Harding Michelle Mueller N/A Scott Harding Pam Obungu Mary Bodine-Ruffner
Army Cecilia Winkles Kristopher Kopp Cecilia Winkles Cecilia Winkles Lorraine Jacobs C. Adam Egender
Army NAF Lauren Sanders, Sevara Reinhold Lauren Sanders, Sevara Reinhold Lauren Sanders, Sevara Reinhold Lauren Sanders, Sevara Reinhold Lauren Sanders, Sevara Reinhold Lauren Sanders, Sevara Reinhold
Air Force Kimberley Carter Sheila Whitten N/A Judy Barrow Sheila Whitten Tammy Armstrong
Air Force NAF Kimberley Carter Patricia Galindo N/A Patricia Galindo Patricia Galindo N/A
Navy Raghu Dandamudi Rhonda Berish Raghu Dandamudi Raghu Dandamudi Rhonda Berish Rhonda Berish
DLA Jackelin Alamo Jackelin Alamo Jackelin Alamo Jackelin Alamo Deannie Williams Sonia Serrano
WHS LaTonya Malloy Sharon Moreira N/A Betty Bowman Lakshmi Kollu N/A
NG Samantha Haines Samantha Haines Samantha Haines Samantha Haines Vicki Fetterolf Samantha Haines