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Workforce Analytics 101

The overarching theme of Workforce Analytics 101 is learning how to think like a workforce analyst. The course introduces workforce data, workforce data depictions, and understanding workforce data depictions. Participants gain skills for identifying correlations / driving factors in workforce data, and leveraging workforce data in Workforce Planning / Human Capital Management / Informing Decision Making / Problem Identification and Strategy Development.

Course Description

  • Throughout the curriculum, the same populations are used to allow the students to see the relationships between workforce behaviors. For example, the course continually ties back to demographic trend behavior while examining gains and losses and incentives usage.
  • The critical thinking and analysis aspect of the work is continually reinforced. Being able to build a rates table is far less important than the individual being able to interpret and use data products in intelligent and useful ways.
  • Problem sets and the Capstone Exercise are primarily critical thinking exercises. The discussion of the problems / potential problems and the solutions / potential solutions are what is important.
  • Telling the story of the workforce's behavior and understanding that behavior is critical to effective Strategic Workforce Planning activities.

Eligibility and Sign Up

Designed for personnel that work directly or tangentially in the Human Resources / Workforce Planning / Human Capital Management domains but not exclusive of others. Course given on customer demand.