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Nonappropriated Fund Classification Management

Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Compensation covers pay policy for NAF white-collar, and Child and Youth paybands as well as for NAF Crafts and Trades positions. DCPAS is responsible for oversight of policy that governs NAF pay, awards and allowances. A payband system covers NAF employees working in white-collar (non-Crafts & Trades) positions. Six paybands, NF-1 through NF-6 (General Schedule (GS)-1 through Senior Executive Service (SES) equivalent), cover the majority of NAF white-collar jobs. A separate payband structure, CY-I, and CY-II covers child and youth program caregivers. The minimum and maximum pay rates for the CY-I, and CY-II paybands are linked to the GS pay rates in the locality where the job is located. Most pay policy for NAF Crafts and Trades employees is governed by subchapter S8 of the Office of Personnel Management Operating Manual “Federal Wage System – Nonappropriated Fund” Surveys of local prevailing wage rates establish the pay schedules for DOD Crafts and Trades positions.